GT series gps tracker step-by-step brief setup guide


Please follow the steps to choose the right sim card based on your preferred track mode.
If you have any question, always visit the Tech Support Forum first, you can find many useful information there.
Or, submit a ticket at contact us, your question will be answered with in 12 business hours.
You can also visit "how the gps tracker works forum" for more detailed information about the gps tracker.


GPS tracker is just like a cellphone, if the signal is out of coverage, then it is unreachable, it does not mean that the GPS tracker is defective.

The 2 Different Modes and Choose the Right Sim Card

Mode USA (GSM Network 2G 3G) International
SMS Ablegrid sim card / Your own sim card Your own sim card
Data Ablegrid sim card / Your own sim card Ablegrid sim card / Your own sim card

SMS Mode:
You TEXT "url#" to the tracker and the tracker will response a google map link to your cellphone, click the map link and you will know where the tracker is.(if the google map link is broken, please try to setup your text message as MMS multi-media text type)
In this mode, the GPS tracker standby time is the longest.

Data Mode:
You can live-track the tracker at gps.ablegrid.com or use Android/iOS App.

Regarding The Standby Time:
The tracker's standby time totally depends on how often the location uploads, for example, uploading the location to our server every 20 seconds will consume more energy than uploading the location every 1 minitue.
The cellphone network signal strength will also affect the standby time dramatically, for example, if the tracker is in the desert, and no any cellular signal, it will keep searching the network so it will comsume more power

*International sim card can be used in many countries. But you can only use Data Mode at www.ablegrid.com or using Android/iOS App

Buy & Activate Ablegrid GPS Tracking Sim Card

We strongly suggest use our ABLEGRID GPS-Tracker-Only sim card.

Why ?
1. It's much cheaper than buying from traditional telecom operators such as AT&T or T-Mobile.
2. Global availability / option.
3. Prepaid, no contract, just buy the plan you want, not auto-renewal, no monthly bill.

Where to buy ?
Ablegrid sim card included in the gps tracker's package for some models, it is FREE.
If you did not find sim card in the tracker's package, click here to buy.

How to active ?
Visit: gps.ablegrid.com, follow the instruction, and choose the sim card plan.

Initial Setup, please read the manual comes with the packages, based on the model, some features may vary.


For some of AbleGrid GT Models, the sim card is already intergrated, if you want to use it, all you need to do is to active and choose the card plan at gps.ablegrid.com.

1. install the sim card into the GPS tracker. (please refer to the manual)

2. Turn on the GPS tracker.

3. GPS tracker need to register with the sim card phone network, so it takes upto 10 minutes (especially international sim card for the first time use,     and at peak time).

4. When the green light is off or flashing, it's ready to use. (please refer to the manual for the LED's status.)

Basic Commands for SMS Mode


you need TEXT the command to switch the track mode from SMS to Data Live Mode, and vise versa .

SMS Mode: use your own phone to TEXT the command to the GPS tracker’s sim card phone number.(Always make sure if you use iPhone, please don't send TEXT by iMessage, you need send Text by regular message)

[Inital Command to use SMS mode]:
by default, the TK series gps trackers are at SMS mode, if you are not sure at which mode the tracker is, please Text the following commands:

Text: wkmd,1# to the tracker's sim card phone number, this will setup the tracker to "power-saving mode"
Text: wkmd,2# this will setup the tracker to "super-long standby mode"

now, the tracker is at SMS mode, and it will stay at the SMS mode untill you change it to Data Live Mode.

GT Serial's SMS Text Commands are very simple and as the following format:


if the GPS tracker is out of phone company coverage( for example, out of T-Mobile’s network coverage ), it will not response until it's back to the coverage area again.

Basic SMS Commands Table

default password is 123456

Command Action Sample
wkmd,0#N# change to Data Live Mode with every N seconds(from 20 to 120 seconds) uploading the location wkmd,0#20#
wkmd,1# power-saving standby mode
wkmd,2# super-long standby time mode
url# get the current google map location

for more advanced SMS commands, please refer to the manual comes with your gps tracker

DATA Mode Live-Track Setup

Step 1.
Register an account at gps.ablegrid.com when you create a new account, a verification email will be sent to you, please check both inbox and spam, sometime, it goes to spam folder.
And log into your account.

Step 2:
Add the gps tracker to your account.
for how to add GT tracker to our platform, please watch the step by step video.

please note, always refer to the gps tracker's label and locate the Imei#, input it when you register it into our web platform correctly, otherwise, the platform can not track it.

Step 3:
Text the following commands to your gps tracker at SMS mode :
Text: wkmd,0#20#
this command will set your gps tracker to Live-Data-Mode

if you use our sim card, then Text: apn,m2mglobal# (all our new gps trackers have this setting by default, don't need to text this command anymore)
if your GT Series does not have serial number(S/N:XXXXXXXXXXX) on the package, please Text: server,1,,9876,0#

so now, just wait 10 minutes, you will see the gps tracker signal icon became yellow and then green in your website tracking platform.
congratulations! you just added a GT series tracker into the account successfully!

Step 4:
scan the following app 2D code to install the ablegrid app into your mobile phone, and use the same username and password, which you used to login at gps.ablegrid.com web platform.
once logged in, please setup the time zone.
now you can setup the geo-fence features by few clicks.

finally, you need to remember, if you want to switch back to SMS mode, please text the following command:
Text: wkmd,1#
* this will bring your GT tracker into SMS mode and have the longest standby time.


Install iOS or Android App if you want to track by mobile phone.